Raised on punk, underground rock and good times, the guys from Tupperwerewolf have been making music together since they were teenagers. Through the years, Nick Meyer, Josh Iverson and Nick Maccarone experimented with song-writing through several incarnations of the band that would eventually become Tupperwerewolf. In fact, the three almost exclusively made music together with a rotating cast of contributing bandmates. Somewhere around 2006, Iverson, fresh out of the promising indie shoegaze outfit, Seacat, returned to his comfort zone and musical counterparts to form Tupperwerewolf. Long-time friend and local music scene regular, Ray Miske, brought his energy and talent on the drums to round out the lineup. The sound that resulted was up-tempo, poppy, post-punk thrash rock with tight rhythms and spastic guitars. Nick Meyer eventually started up the Meyer Straights, with Iverson and Maccarone swapping duties on lead guitar, but Tupperwerewolf split up before they were able to record a proper album. A few of the band’s songs exist on Blind Pigeon Compilations and a handful of other recordings have yet to surface.