The Dry Spells

The Dry Spells found their beginnings in a small bar in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Getting together for occasional jam sessions and playing cover songs from Johnny Cash to the Minutemen, the four members, Jerry Smith, Bob Oettl, Greg Lowe and Bill Whalen, began to incorporate original music into their show. Soon, a strong local following developed, and The Dry Spells were formed.

Straight-ahead and tuneful, the band managed to stay true to their small-town America roots while incorporating a wide array of outside influences. Like their roots-rock predecessors The Byrds and The Band, all members shared songwriting and multi-instrumental duties. Over the course of a gig it was not uncommon for members to play four separate instruments. Full collaboration and a genuine desire to create real music strengthened the sound of the band.

The Dry Spells no-nonsense econo approach to music was a welcome deviation from the cookie cutter rockstar wannabees cluttering every local music scene.