Jim Devlin

Jim Devlin,a singer-songwriter, and rhythm guitarist since 1985, hails from the queen city of the Anthracite, Cumbola, Pa. Jim discovered in the early ’80s that his younger cousin Bill Whalen shared his passion for The Beatles, and for making music. Together they formed The Blue Meanies, quite a popular, young cover band that also played a few original tunes. Following that, Bill and Jim met 3 other local, talented chaps and became The Woodsmen, quite a popular, young original band that also played a few cover tunes. Following the turn of the century, Jim took a few years off to be Dad and coach for his kids, Jimmy and Allie. In 2009, Jim was lured back to music by his cousin Bill, and all the fine folk who represent the collective “Blind Pigeon”. Jim is currently singing, songwriting, and rhythm guitaring for The Bleanies, along with fellow ‘Pigeons’ Bill, John, Josh, and Nick, and loving it more than ever. Over the years, Jim has discovered that he indeed has rhythm, and the ability to write catchy ditties!