Bill Whalen, singer songwriter and lead guitarist for Gleasons Drift is the type of fella that is equally at home playing his music in a theater, a coffeehouse, honk-tonk or at a campfire, but prefers the confines of a smokey, dimly-lit barroom full of folks looking to have a laugh and a goodtime. A multi-instrumentalist, he is equally comfortable behind a drumkit as with a six-string on his shoulder. Born and raised in the coal mining town of Cumbola, Pa. in the heart of the Appalachian Mountain Range, Bill’s music speaks for everyman. Songs about living, loving, drinking and working all trace their roots back to the music that has influenced Bill since his birth.

Playing in a style that he likes to describe as “rock and roll with a twang”, you will hear the influence of everything that has come before him from bluegrass, country and blues to the punk rock he cut his teeth on at an early age. His music is played with an intensity that is only rivaled by its wit. Playing, recording and touring for the last 20 years, Bill is a rock and roll journeyman whose integrity and song craft keep folks coming back for more.