Almost One

Almost One was formed in a garage by a stream surrounded by woods in Schuylkill County, by five people who were friends long before they were band mates. Ryan Wehr (guitars), Bill Yazujian (guitars, vocals, and piano), Lon Gipe (percussion), Evan Sterner (bass guitar), and Justin Fidler (guitars, vocals, and harmonica) began molding their musical endeavor in the spring of 2004 with minimal experience but high expectations. The songs were crafted in a way that put an emphasis on input from all involved in order to produce the most complete and reflective pieces of music that best expressed their ideas. With musical influences ranging from folk and country to jazz and blues to rock and punk, the finished result of the songwriting process surprised no one more than the band members themselves. Above all, the band plays and writes music that they themselves would want to hear. Their grassroots style keeps them honest, and keeps them sane. With support from family, friends, fans, and other local musicians, Ryan, Bill, Lon, Evan, and Justin have found the path they needed to find in order to try and bring the atmosphere of Almost One to as many people as possible.