BPR 055

Words in my Head

By: Mike & the Y-Tones

CD: $5.00


A short debut record spanning early and recent compositions bundled in a 6 track effort that flows and goes and comes back around. We have politicians being politicians (You’re Not Like Me) and self-centeredness at a funeral (All She Said) as subjects along with final closure on a relationship that ended many years ago, set to rest by the existence of this very record (How Could We Have ever Known?). The second half starts with a question, drawing attention to the divisiveness of our times and a call to reality (Divide & Conquer). The good news is that we are are not as divided as people say were are, which takes us to a song called “Fine Line” about how fragile our relationships are. The last song, the title track, Words in my Head, just a a damn riff I made up and closed my eyes and thought and thought and out comes the words: All your actions are just words in my head baby It’s a reaction to the world around me baby


1. You're Not Like Me
2. All She Said
3. How Could We Have Ever Known?
4. Divide & Conquer
5. Fine Line
6. Words in my Head/Cross-Eyed Chicken