BPR 009

the genius from las vegas

By: Phillsy Philz

Sold Out!


The Folk Monster himself PHILLSY PHILZ!!!! This solid release is titled The Genius from Las Vegas and is, as far as we are concerned, his BEST! Be sure to check it out here.


1. Happiness Is A Cap Gun
2. The Critical Dance
3. Always, Right Here
4. Mommy & Daddy
5. A Statue That Lost It’s Head and Arms
6. Is This Happening Again?
7. Pitcher’s Lament
8. Spilled the Beans Again
9. Hey, I’m Talkin’ to You
10. Like Tryin’ to Drown a Fish
11. Airplane Song
12. Young Neal
13. Step Back and See
14. Song About Me
15. Gonna Lose Your Mind
16. Angel with Bulletproof Wings
17. I Get Everything I Need
18. Little Man
19. It’s Not the End of the World

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