BPR 039

Self-titled EP

By: The Remarkable Stims

CD: $5.00


In a tradition of rock, blues, and soul, The Remarkable Stims rip through 5 ass-shaking, swagger-induced pop songs heavy on riffs, attitude and good times on their self-titled debut. Part Buddy Holly, part Hendrix Experience, The Stims clearly draw influence from records and subject matter that’s been around long before them. Bellowing vocals plead authoritatively on top of raucous backbeats and slick guitar work, but don’t let that distract you from what The Remarkable Stims have to say. Aside from their unavoidably head-moving melodies and lyrical hooks, these tunes are laced with cleverness, intensity and plenty of content for you to digest should you choose to. In short, this is an album that makes you wish you had a leather jacket, a pack of smokes and a gal that likes to dance as much as you.

Also available for digital download


1. Secret
2. The Walk
3. Down Down Down
4. Coming On Home
5. Little Things

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