BPR 031

Remorse Code

By: Greg Lowe & the Jargonauts

CD: $10.00


Classic rock riffs over 80′s alt-punk form the canvas for Greg Lowe to paint his tunes of loss, booze and women. The Jargonauts’ full-length debut is a rock and roll onslaught of distorted guitars, meaty bass lines, biting leads and jackhammer drumming, whose melodies will stick in your head long after the hangover wears off.


1. Send Code
2. Cover City
3. Boozy Charm
4. Like A Joey
5. Sudden Conscience
6. Settle for Silver
7. Knight Merry-Minder
8. Tell You How Blame…
9. By Now
10. The Figurative Cliffs
11. End Code