BPR 036

Nothing to be Done

By: The NonRefundables

CD: $10.00


Northeastern Pennsylvania Pop-Punkers churn out another classic! “Nothing To Be Done” is a blast of 15 tight, fast Rockabilly and Pop infused Punk Rock songs. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, The Nonrefundables’ Blind Pigeon debut is sure to keep you thinking about what matters; hipsters, clocks, and of course, greed! Check out this band of gifted songwriters, musicians and pranksters, as keen on selling the song as the punchline.


1. Moving Mountains
2. Fall on Your Sword
3. Daylight Savings Time
4. The Only One
5. Innocence
6. Let Go
7. Typical
8. Greed
9. Where Hipsters Go to Die
10. Traveling Music
11. Who I’m Supposed to Be
12. What Now?
13. A Familiar Tune
14. Now
15. Sweet Honesty

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