BPR 052

Never Home by Midnight

By: The Margie Trick

CD: $5.00


They call it Old Faithful because of it’s consistency. Show up at the right time and you’ll see it. It happens regularly. Old Faithful. If it were merely regular and consistent it wouldn’t be that special. Folks don’t flock to see trains arrive on time. What makes Old Faithful impressive is that it is consistently amazing. The spectacle, the power, how can it keep this up?

And so it is with the Margie Trick. If you’re lucky enough to have heard them you know what to expect. But then again, you don’t. The trick, it seems, in the Margie Trick is how they continue to amaze. Tight, riff heavy, indie power-pop nuggets, rooted in vintage guitar tones and 3 part harmonies. Jerry Smith’s songs tell stories of long days and even longer nights, full of dead end jobs, stale beer, lost relationships and the ever changing landscape of your local watering hole.  Anchored and complimented by the low end prowess of longtime bassman and collaborator, Doug Mervine, their new release, “Never Home by Midnight” feels organic and fresh, and as always, produces cool consistent rock and roll.


1. Shit Crick/Nightswim
2. Break-Up Tattoo
3. Nerves
4. Glance and Turn
5. Goodbye, Albo, I Love You
6. King and Queen
7. The Motions
8. Dual Wheeled Vehicle
9. The Pinkos Are Landing
10. Matador Woman
11. Tire Swing Tree
12. The Last Dance

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