BPR 035

Mystical Animals

By: Mystical Animals

CD: $8.00


With DIY dexterity, slacker guitar heroics, and a lo-fi prowess that would make Bob Pollard proud, Mystical Animals is the latest vehicle for Josh Iverson to disseminate his ruminations. Rooted in the tenets of rock and roll, Mystical Animals wanders a cozy path through punk, folk, Americana and pop. With nods to Daniel Johnston, Superchunk, Pavement, and Dylan, Iverson’s muse is as elusive as his quarry. Songwriting as it was meant to be: genuine, poetic and euphonious.


1. Dis-Appointment
2. The Thrill of Defeat
3. Wait and See
4. Broken Art
5. Fences
6. Harmonizing Hearts
7. Constellations
8. Night, My Friend

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