BPR 063

Live from The Barn

By: CASE 150


Releasing a CD during a global pandemic was our plan all along. CASE has always had a knack for survival. Some have compared it to being roach-like, but we prefer to think of ourselves as flexible and adaptable. CASE is sort of like the band version of a Transformer; ever changing, each carnation not necessarily better or worse, just different. Whether its a new guitar player or a new bass player or a new hair stylist, CASE 150 rolls with the punches and keeps on truckin’. CASE has previously released two awesome studio albums, but this time we wanted to not only capture our sound, but also our smell. So it made the most sense to capture our live raw sound in our natural and most comfortable habitat, a place we like to call home – THE FUNK BARN.  Fueled with mimosas in plastic cups and bagels with loads of schmear, we recorded LIVE from The Barn.  This recording really captures CASE in a moment in time but even though that incarnation of CASE has changed, the spirit remains the same. We look forward to bringing you our LIVE sound… and smell soon. In the meantime, stay healthy and be good to each other.


1. Theories
2. Pieces
3. Battle Kisses
4. Sold My Reputation
5. Shoulda
6. Reasons
7. Tea & Sympathy
8. Sunsets
9. Tear Stained Pillow
10. Words Lie
11. Oh How I Wish

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