BPR 013

I Fought the Devil

By: Phillsy Philz

CD: $7.00


I Fought the Devil, the new release from Phillsy Philz, finds him on top of his game, and victorious once again. This disc, on the heels of last years critically acclaimed The Genius From Las Vegas, packs the same one, two punch. Heavy on melody, this rock-and-roll-folk-a-rama is typical Phillsy. Guitar, bass, mandolin and drums tell obscure stories of sports heroes, hot dogs, and human nature while questioning your intentions for the future. Sound familiar?

I think so. Check it out.


1. Hot Dog Song
2. Shadow Boxer II
3. Left Hand Drill
4. Joke
5. Good Defense
6. I Don’t Know About This
7. Hide N Seek
8. Rollin’ Moon
9. Bad Luck
10. Better Than Me
11. I Fought the Devil
12. Shadow Boxer
13. Missing the Point
14. Human Nature
15. Stop My Walk

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