BPR 034

Garage Pop

By: DPLsounds

Digital Only: $3.00


The fifth full length release of the DPLsounds project, Garage Pop is a collection of fun songs, party music, silliness & rock and roll dance tunes, rife with powerful guitar licks and awash with choruses guaranteed to keep you humming for days. DPLsounds is reborn on the record as the love child of Sam Cooke and Bob Pollard, blending the energetic beat of 1960′s pop-soul with the rawness of 1990s era lo-fi self production.


1. My Sarah
2. Get Away
3. Talking in Circles
4. Bandit (of Hearts)
5. Just Wanna Be In Love
6. Worried About Jenny
7. She’s Having a Baby
8. Live Wire
9. Show Me
10. The Ranch

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