BPR 042


By: Thick Brown Fur

CD: $10.00


After nearly a decade since their debut release, Thick Brown Fur is pleased to break the silence with their sophomore effort, Flakes. Flakes delivers 10 brand-spanking new instant Fur classics and serves up poppy roots rock, bouncy riffs and meaty blues, dripping with reverb, fuzz, twang and dirt. Though the band’s influences and collective musicianship has evolved, Thick Brown Fur’s quirky spirit, punk ethos and garage aesthetic remain firmly intact. Flake out!


1. California
2. Where You’ve Been
3. If
4. Experience
5. Freak You Out
6. Chokehold
7. Hang It Up
8. Open Window
9. Sick Day Soap Opera
10. Thick Brown Surf

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