BPR 54


By: Bryce Alan Flurie

CD: $10.00

There is an intersection where the dirt roads of the blues, folk, and old school country meet. It is right in the middle of Fallowtown.
Fallowtown is the soil where Bryce Alan Flurie’s songs get planted. Bryce ain’t no folk singer and contrary to the “all hat and no cattle” country music of today Bryce’s songs are influenced heavily by Gillian Welch, Dave Rawlings, Steve Earle,Townes Van Zandt, and Guy Clark. They turn tales, true or not, of red dirt soil, cornfields, moonshine, contrary milk cows and contrarier old men and the women that may or may not have done them wrong.
Fallowtown ain’t your Daddy’s music. Might have been your Grandaddy’s, though. These are all original new tunes whittled with a rusty old blade that’s sharp as all hell. This is music for the pool hall, the butcher shop, the factory floor, or the farmhouse, which incidentally is where this album was recorded.

1. Tear Stained Pillow
2. If Tears Were Money
3. Up Talking to Myself
4. Graveyard Hollow
5. This Old Town
6. Prayers or Agony
7. Still House
8. Between a Woman and a Man
9. Black Moon
10. 99 to Few

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