BPR 038


By: The Bleanies

CD: $10.00


‘Eat’ was recorded in a barroom from songs conceived in bedrooms, garages and hoseys. Songs made underground. Songs that shake the foundations. Songs crafted from long nights, cigarettes, and beer. Songs made by five guys, three chords, two guitars and feedback. Songs written long ago and yesterday. Songs strong on melody and harmony. Crank it on a car ride to nowhere, or jam-out to it in the basement of your choice. ‘Eat the Bleanies’ will earn a spot in both…


1. A Dog Named Jack
2. Little Sins
3. Worry
4. Perfectly Great
5. I’ll Cry
6. Walrus, Too
7. Shin Splints
8. Mailgirl
9. Wrong Side of Love
10. Certain

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