BPR 015

Drink Like Fish

By: The Mullets

CD: $10.00


The band holed up at Shelf Rock for 2 years and came out hung over, uglier and none the wiser. Fortunately, the recording is great! The obvious influences are still there but the third album finds the boys stretching the boundaries and even playing acoustic guitars on some tunes. Listen what the band has to say about the Hard Stuff, Unleaded Premium, Thunderpussy, and Garden Rocks. The Mullets third is the Mullets best. Check it out.


1. No Surgeon
2. Miss Charade
3. Hard Stuff
4. Power Ballad No. 1
5. God Is A Woman
6. Garden Rocks
7. Thunderpussy
8. Shallow Grave
9. She’s A Revolver
10. Unleaded Premium
11. Enchantress

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