BPR 019

Completed, 2006

Various Artists

CD: $5.00


COMPLETED, 2006 is the fourth collection of tunes in our annual compilation series and some folks consider it our best! Consisting of all previously unreleased songs, COMPLETED 2006 is sure to become an instant favorite. 20 Tunes by 20 artists including all of your old favorites like The Mullets, Stunt Driver, Gleasons Drift, Pat Burns, Jp, and Shane Hellerweed, as well as plenty of label newcomers like Total Quality Institute, the Electric Fern, Second Son, the Setbacks and disc openers Tupperwerewolf! It’s what’s happening, it’s what’s now, it’s the new thing!


1. Tupperwerewolf – The Novice
2. The Mullets – Spinning Clockwise
3. Gleasons Drift – The Maple Blues
4. The Worms – I Got No Soul
5. The Ladykillers – Hey, Diane!
6. The Electric Fern – Shamedog
7. The Setbacks – Just Like The Planet of Sound
8. Brian Andris – Living It
9. Phillsy Philz – Drinky, Where Have You Gone?
10. Jerry Smith & Matt McCallus – I Saw Her First
11. Matt Ortiz with Jason Fedele – 30 Pieces of Silver
12. Almost One – Mr. Howard Sunglasses
13. Jp – The Ballad of Boo Radley
14. Second Son – In This Cold
15. Maggi, Pierce & EJ – Yippee I A
16. Total Quality Institute – Kids at the Playground
17. Stunt Driver – The Ozone
18. Pat Burns – Cannons
19. Shane Hellerweed – Sleepover Dress
20. BW – The Way You Look (At Me)

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