BPR 011

Completed, 2004

Various Artists

CD: $5.00


If you thought COMPLETED, 2003 was great, wait until you feast your ears on this! COMPLETED, 2004 features 18 songs from 18 of BPR’s finest. You get old classics from The Woodsmen, Poleline, Chesner and Dr. Suds, as well as new tunes by Gleasons Drift, The Mullets, Stunt Driver and The Dry Spells. Hear Pat Burns’ story of love, Phillsy Philz take on armageddon, Astronaut Jones blast off, JP lament for a new set of snow tires, and the rumble of The Straightees. This compilation rocks. All songs are previously unreleased including Sinking Spring “live” and “wasted.”


1. The Mullets – Unleaded Premium
2. Thick Brown Fur – The Spawn of Lucifer
3. The Woodsmen – Copper Kettles
4. Pat Burns – Vicki
5. Poleline – Oleos
6. Astronaut Jones – The Great Escape
7. Gleasons Drift – 20,000 Leagues Below Dayton
8. Stunt Driver – Gin, Blink and Denial
9. Phillsy Philz – It’s Not the End of the World
10. Chesner – Did My Mom Call Your House Again?
11. The Straightees – The Cleaners
12. Jp – A.M
13. Bob Oettl – Barnard
14. Sinking Spring – Wasted
15. Dr. Suds – Beauty Like Yours
16. The Dry Spells – Unless You’re In Love
17. Stone Ruins- Change Your Scene
18. BW – The Festus Blues

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