BPR 030

Compilation #8

Various Artists

CD: $5.00


Following a message from Greg Hawkes of the Cars, JP and the Rimmplatz Ramblers kick off the disc sporting the first ever brass section on a Blind Pigeon release! Buckle up with DeSoto Rust as they hit the open road while The Devil’s garage-Americana opts for a more indirect route. Reminisce with The BPartifacts as their first ever recording takes a long look at growing up. Gleasons Drift gets things moving to get what they want and need, while Nick Meyer brings out the strings for a haunting take on the ethereal. Multi-instrumentalist and BPR newcomer, Billy Matheny, revs it up with a surf tune and the ever-eccentric James Jewell catches a wave. Get a backstage passport and head off to Asia with Total Quality Institute or fly to the moon with David Harborfield. Ace Filipini gets a little help and spins an Irish funeral song about the great gig in the sky. Hickory Smokestack’s stripped back rock and roll has a problem with insomnia, but stay positive, as Phillsy Philz and his Mom convince you why you’re so darn special. Throw in some folk gems about feathered friends, life behind bars and the working week by DPLsounds, BW and Josh Iverson and the compilation starts to hit its full musical stride. Stay for Awhile with The Meyer Straights and newcomers Ship Named Beagle, who both add the rock to the roll. Bill Yazujian plays all the tracks on his stellar folk rock ditty, as Jim Devlin conjures up a pretty melody for a special lady, all the while La Overtoner is lurking in the background on their acoustic travelogue. Greg Lowe and the Jargonauts and Bob Oettl give us all the lead guitar any man can ask for and Circus Fire see things through the eyes of the vertically challenged.

Compilation #8 is another classic collection from BPR! Representing all things rock, you get a taste of what we are all about here; classic melodies, strong musicianship, clever songwriting and of course,  local, original rock and roll at its finest. Be sure to pick up a copy of BPR’s Compilation #8 NOW!


1. Jp and the Rimmplatz Ramblers – About a Girl
2. The Devil – Backroad Burners
3. The BPartifacts – I Was A Kid
4. Gleasons Drift – The Only Thing
5. Nick Meyer – Are You a Ghost?
6. James Jewell – Monster’s Breakfast
7. Total Quality Institute – Singapore
8. Hickory Smokestack – I Can’t Sleep
9. Phillsy Philz and His Mom – I Am Special
10. DPLsounds – The Hawks and the Hills
11. Billy Matheny & The Frustrations – Crab Sandwich, Crab Sandwich
12. Ace Filipini – He’s Dead
13. The Meyer Straights – Stay for Awhile
14. David Harborfield – Rocket Ship
15. Josh Iverson – Night, My Friend
16. DeSoto Rust – Open Road
17. Ship Named Beagle – Seven Year Senior
18. Bill Yazujian – Walk-Ins Welcome
19. La Overtoner – ‘Til Next June
20. Greg Lowe and the Jargonauts – Suitcase Scenario
21. Bob Oettl – School Bus Rock
22. Jim Devlin – Mary’s Alright With Me
23. BW – Stabbin’ Blues
24. Circus Fire – 4′ Small

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