BPR 028

Compilation #7

Various Artists

CD: $5.00


From the opening message by the one and only Alice Cooper, we cut to BPR folk-pop rockers Almost One for an electrified 3-minute rock and roll delight. Carnivores will enjoy Jerry Smith’s “Red Meat,” while newcomers The Devil will treat you to some stripped back Americana, Schuylkill County style. Enjoy Ace Filipini’s optimism, Hillbilly Shakespeare’s ode to the workingman as our own Josh Iverson tugs on your heartstring. A new song from The Jargonauts, a surf tune from Gleasons Drift, a vintage jangle of sorts from La Overtoner, guitar and bells from The Meyer Straights and, of course, Phillsy Philz fishin’ fare. This year will also mark a milestone as BPR founding father Jim Devlin finally releases a lost solo song from the Woodsmen files. If a solo Woodsmen song doesn’t do it for you, don’t forget you will also get vintage Pat Burns, The Worms, Jp, Total Quality Institute, seamus67, BW and Josh Cusatis. All this plus Ike Wilder and Daniel Bower, DPLsounds, Desoto Rust and The Bleanies. Man, Good Stuff! This is really one heck of a recording, and like most every release on every comp, most of these songs are ONLY available on the compilation. 23 artists, 23 tunes. Time to continue or start your collection of BPR compilations today!


1. Almost One – Summer Blues
2. Jerry Smith – Red Meat
3. Gleasons Drift – The One Who I Thought That You Loved
4. Phillsy Philz – Fishing Blues
5. The Meyer Straights – Incinerate
6. Desoto Rust – San Angelo
7. La Overtoner – Carbon
8. Josh Iverson – Harmonizing Hearts
9. The Worms – Flying Away
10. Jp & the Rimmplatz Ramblers – Evelyn
11. Greg Lowe and the Jargonauts – Maybe
12. Ike Wilder & Daniel Bower – Red Flowers
13. Ace Filipini – I Always Knew One Day I’d Fly
14. seamus67 – Second Street Monarch
15. Total Quality Institute – Moustache
16. Hillbilly Shakespeare – Workers of the World
17. DPLsounds – Playing Your Hand
18. The Devil – Wind & the Willows
19. Pat Burns – Leaving You
20. Josh Cusatis – Give & Take
21. The Bleanies – Mailgirl
22. Jim Devlin – Witchy Poo
23. BW – The Smilingest Drummer

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