BPR 021

Compilation #5

Various Artists

CD: $5.00


The 5th Anniversary Compilation is here! As we celebrate 5 years of bringing you quality homegrown rock and roll, we are happy to announce that many folks feel this is the best compilation to date. Here is a taste of what you get: electrified Jp and Pat Burns, live Total Quality Institute, a new studio release from Gleasons Drift, Tupperwerewolf and The Mullets! Dig a classic anthem by the inimitable Phillsy Philz, more Andris, Hellerweed, Meyer and Ortiz as well as newcomers The Pony Bottles, The Kingpins, and Josh Cusatis! Oh yeah and don’t forget about The Worms, they’re underground! 22 tunes by 22 artists. In short, this is a must have that will not


1. Jp – To Whom It May Concern
2. Gleasons Drift – Guitar, Bass, Drums
3. Total Quality Institute – Bigger Shirt
4. The Pony Bottles – 4th of July
5. Tupperwerewolf – A Hand For The Lepers
6. Nick Meyer – Silent Treatment
7. Pat Burns – Wedding Song ’07
8. The Ladykillers – Nothing That I Need
9. Matt Ortiz – Secret Keeper
10. Phillsy Philz – The Ballad of Mental Lee and Retard Ed
11. Matthew O’Neil and the Birds of Prey – Wicked Old Radio
12. Greg Lowe & the Jargonauts – Heights or Hills
13. Brian Andris – Carrie
14. Josh Cusatis – Something Is Forever Going Wrong
15. Shane Hellerweed – Blurry Season
16. The Goddamn Kingpins! – Growing Up Bad
17. The Steeds – No Track Mind
18. The Worms – Red Rocker
19. seamus67 – Havenville
20. The Mullets – The Incredible Dive Bar
21. Almost One – In A Fit
22. BW – Truth Be Told

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