BPR 062

Compilation #18

Various Artists

CD: $5.00


Step right up and grab the freshest release from your favorite’s at BPR.  Forged from the fires of a Covid caused, live music-less year, the overflow of pent up creativity on this comp gives you 24 of the best ones yet.  And I’m not kidding.  Grab this guy ASAP, play it long and loud, and pray to God, Buddha, Vishnu, Lemmy, or to whomever else you worship, that we’ll all be back in the clubs this year.  Rock on.


1. The Margie Trick - Status of the Blonde
2. The Shouldas - Ain't Lucky No More
3. The Bleanies - We’re Gonna Bleed
4. Harborfield - Skeeball
5. Handsome John Pruitt - Corn In A Borough
6. A. Parker - Thin Blue Lie
7. Mechanical Bullfighters - It Takes a Village
8. The Central Line - Rolex
9. The New Moon Study - a nasty alcoholic in a town full of nice ones
10. Gleasons Drift - I Got More
11. Mystical Animals - Agoraphobia
12. The Handsome Static - Sound The Alarm
13. Stationary Giant - Vine And Virus
14. Lila Smith and the Weasels - Better Than Yesterday
15. Backroad Burners - Take the Best
16. Water Landing - Hipster Hat
17. The Martini Bros. - Club 18
18. We all carry guns - The Pitfall
19. Mike & the Y-Tones - Haunted
20. Nick Steranko - Children of the Night
21. Hockersville Station - Dead Dog Town
22. PBD - Hymn to Sorrow
23. Phillsy Philz - What Separates Us
24. West Coast Video - Serrated!?

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