BPR 001

Chin Music

By: The Woodsmen

CD: $10.00


Blue-collar American Rock and Roll. BPR grandfathers, The Woodsmen, use their punk rock approach to hit you with more hooks than your Uncle Steve’s tackle box. Never afraid of the bass drum, these guys still know what a guitar solo is. Spend your money on this sonic Shangri-la. A true Blind Pigeon classic and a must-have.


1. Laura
2. Agnes Fry (The Ballad of)
3. Once in Awhile
4. Spending Time With You
5. Flag
6. Positive Superstition
7. Gold Mine
8. Crying
9. Rubble and Me
10. Jazz Sabbath
11. MPRO
12. Tight
13. F. Train
14. Slow Driver
15. Sonic Root
16. Friends

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