BPR 012

Chest Wig

By: Thick Brown Fur

CD: $10.00


Razor-laced guitar noodling, bloopy bass lines, and 38-caliber drumming from Palo Alto, PA. Thick Brown Fur’s first and only full-length release will find you “In the Land of Milk and Honey” with “Norval Sanderson” and Little Malkmus chewing it up and spitting it on your shoe. Rock and roll that is clever, polite, and a little sweaty. File under cool.


1. Intro
2. Get Out the Butter
3. The Spawn of Lucifer
4. The League of Extraordinary Plumbers
5. Whiz Kids
6. The Battle
7. Monkeys and Babies
8. From the Notes of Norval Sanderson
9. Five Feet of Rage
10. Interplanetary Transportation
11. Concerto 0013
12. Soda Factory

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