BPR 050

Accidents That Made Us

By: The Shouldas

CD: $10.00


Part jangle and part crunch, part mood and part melody, Accidents That Made Us is a pileup of styles: singer-songwriter-meets-indie-rock, alternative, and power pop. The off-kilter catchiness of the Lemonheads, the dense lyrics of early R.E.M., the earnest American guitar rock of the Gin Blossoms, and an occasional touch of indulgent alternative-tinged distortion. It’s the culmination of mostly-solitary songwriting that began in the mid-aughts and ended when an old reddish-brown briefcase simply became too overstuffed with bits and pieces of songs chicken-scratched on yellow notebook paper, the backs of envelopes, rolls of birch bark, and greasy pizza box lids to hide under the bed. Held together by the catchy melodies and clever rhythmic lyrics, songs range from poetic to philosophical to playful: A tune about a failed relationship followed by a rumination on the fleeting nature of life followed by something about Abraham Lincoln trapped inside a snow globe.


1. You To The Rescue!
2. One Day You're Gonna Wake Up Dead
3. Tigerstripe Cushions
4. Songja
5. Those Drums
6. Snowglobe Lincoln
7. Silverbird
8. My Car
9. Everybody's Moving To Brooklyn
10. Rain Date
11. Zues' Interlude
12. Will You Howl?
13. You Should Know
14. Prison Lights

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